HDRi Trees and Mountains

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HDRi Trees and Mountians for your next photorealistic rendering!

Are you looking for more realistic lighting for your renderings? Or a faster lighting setup? Then you should use an HDRi!

✔️ Unclipped HDRi

✔️ File .hdr up to 10K Resolution

✔️ Hyper-Realistic Lighting

✔️ No noticeable or annoying artifacts

✔️ No stitching issues

✔️ No tripod

❤️ You’ll love this HDRi because it’s just perfect.

🔥 With the Purchase you Get:

✔️ Files .hdr (10K, 8K, 4K, 2K)

🎁 A Gift for You

☀️ What does Unclipped mean?

It's important to consider whether an hdri is unclipped or not. Being unclipped means that the entire brightness range is captured, including the brightest part of the sun. This ensures that the light is extremely realistic. Contrary, if a hdri is clipped (or clamped) it will produce unrealistic and contrastless light.

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HDRi Trees and Mountains

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I want this!